Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 4:39 - 4:39

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 4:39 - 4:39

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a wild vine: Isa 5:4; Jer 2:21; Mat 15:13; Heb 12:15

wild gourds: The word pakkuoth, from peka, in Chaldee, to burst, and in Syriac, to crack, thunder, is generally supposed to be the fruits of the coloquintida, or colocynth; whose leaves are large, placed alternately, very much like those of the vine, whence it might be called a wild vine. The flowers are white, and the fruit of the gourd kind, of the size of a large apple, and when ripe, of a yellow colour, and a pleasant and inviting appearance. It ranks among vegetable poisons, as all intense bitters do; but, judiciously employed, it is of considerable use in medicine. It is said that the fruit, when ripe, is so full of wind that it bursts, and throws its liquor and seeds to a great distance, and if touched, before it breaks of itself, it flies open with an explosion, and discharges its foetid contents in the face of him who touched it.