Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 4:42 - 4:42

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 4:42 - 4:42

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Baalshalisha: 1Sa 9:4, 1Sa 9:7

bread: 2Ki 4:38; Exo 23:16; Deu 12:6, Deu 26:2-10; 1Sa 9:7; 2Ch 11:13-14; Pro 3:9-10; 1Co 9:11; Gal 6:6

of barley: 2Ki 7:1, 2Ki 7:16-18; Deu 8:8, Deu 32:14; Joh 6:9, Joh 6:13

the husk thereof: or, his scrip, or garment, Note: Parched corn, or corn to be parched; full ears before they are ripe, parched on the fire. A very frequent food in the East. The loaves were probably extremely small, as their loaves of bread still are in eastern countries. But small as this may appear, it would be a considerable present in the time of famine; though very inadequate to the number of persons. Baal-shalisha, of which the person who made this seasonable present was an inhabitant, was situated, according to Eusebius and Jerome, fifteen miles north of Diospolis, or Lydda.