Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 6:25 - 6:25

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 6:25 - 6:25

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a great famine: 2Ki 6:28-29, 2Ki 7:4, 2Ki 25:3; 1Ki 18:2; Jer 14:13-15, Jer 14:18, Jer 32:24, Jer 52:6

an ass's head: If the pieces of silver were drachms, the whole would amount to about 2£ 9s; which was a great price for so mean a part of this unclean animal. Eze 4:13-16

dove's dung: This probably denotes, as Bochart, Scheuchzer, and others suppose, a kind of pulse, or vetches, which the Arabs still call pigeon's dung. "They never," says Dr. Shaw (Travels, p. 140), "constitute a dish by themselves, but are strewed singly as a garnish over cuscasowe, pillowe, and other dishes. They are besides in the greatest repute after they are parched in pans and ovens; then assuming the name leblebby;" and he thinks they were so called from being pointed at one end, and acquiring an ash colour in parching.