Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 7:1 - 7:1

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 7:1 - 7:1

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Elisha said: See note on 2Ki 6:33, and see note on 2Ki 20:16. 1Ki 22:19; Isa 1:10; Eze 37:4

To morrow: 2Ki 7:18-19; Exo 8:23, Exo 9:5-6, Exo 14:13, Exo 16:12; Jos 3:5; 1Sa 11:9; Psa 46:5

a measure of fine flour: A seah of flour. The seah was about two gallons and a half; the shekel 2s. 4d. at the lowest computation. A wide difference between this and the price of the ass's head. 2Ki 6:25; Rev 6:6

of barley: 2Ki 4:42; Joh 6:9

in the gate of Samaria: From this it appears that the gates were not only used as courts of judicature, but as market-places. So Mr. Morier observes: "In our rides we usually went out of the town at the Derwazeh Shah Abdul Azeem, or the gate leading to the village of Shah Abdul Azeem, where a market was held every morning, particularly of horses, mules, asses, and camels. At about sun-rise, the owners of the animals assemble and exhibit them for sale. But besides, here were sellers of all sorts of goods, in temporary shops and tents, and this, perhaps, will explain the custom alluded to in 2Ki 7:18."