Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 8:15 - 8:15

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 2 King 8:15 - 8:15

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And it came: 2Ki 8:13; 1Sa 16:12-13, 1Sa 24:4-7, 1Sa 24:13, 1Sa 26:9-11; 1Ki 11:26-37

on the morrow: Psa 36:4; Mic 2:1

that he took a thick cloth: There is a considerable degree of ambiguity in this passage. The pronoun he is generally referred to Hazael; but Dr. Geddes and others are decidedly of the opinion, that we should understand by it Ben-hadad; who, encouraged by the favourable answer of Elisha, as reported by Hazael, adopted a violent remedy to allay the heat of his fever, and put over his face the keever, or fly-net. (See note on 1Sa 19:13), dipped in water, which suddenly checked the perspiration, and occasioned his death.

so that he died: 2Ki 9:24, 2Ki 15:10-14, 2Ki 15:25, 2Ki 15:30; 1Ki 15:28, 1Ki 16:10, 1Ki 16:18; Isa 33:1

Hazael: 2Ki 8:13; 1Ki 19:15