Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 3 John 1:6 - 1:6

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - 3 John 1:6 - 1:6

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have borne witness of thy charity: 3Jo 1:12; Phm 1:5-7

whom: Act 15:3, Act 21:5; Rom 15:24; 2Co 1:16; Tit 3:13

after a godly sort: or, worthy of God, This is a literal and proper rendering of the original αξιως [Strong's G516], του [Strong's G5120], Θεου [Strong's G2316], by which the antecedent to the possessive pronoun his, in the next verse, becomes immediately apparent. "In a manner worthy of God, and of your relations and obligations to Him, and such as He can approve." 1Th 2:12

do well: Gen 4:7; Jon 4:4; Mat 25:21-23; Act 15:29; Phi 4:14; 1Pe 2:20