Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Joel 2:2 - 2:2

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Joel 2:2 - 2:2

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A day of darkness: "The quantity of these insects," says a French author,"is incredible to all who have not themselves witnessed their astonishing numbers; the whole earth is covered with them for the space of several leagues. The noise they make in browsing on the trees and herbage may be heard at a great distance, and resembles that of an army in secret. Wherever their myriads spread, the verdure of the country disappears; trees and plants, stripped of their leaves and reduced to their naked boughs and stems, cause the dreary image of winter to succeed in an instant to the rich scenery of spring. When these clouds of locusts take their flight, to surmount any obstacles or to traverse more rapidly a desert soil, the heavens may literally be said to be obscured by them." Joe 2:10, Joe 2:31, Joe 3:14-15; Exo 20:21; Psa 97:2; Isa 5:30, Isa 8:22; Jer 13:16; Amo 5:18-20; Zep 1:14-15; Heb 12:18; Jud 1:13

as: Amo 4:13

a great: Joe 2:5, Joe 2:11, Joe 2:25, Joe 1:6

there: Joe 1:2-3; Exo 10:6, Exo 10:14; Dan 12:1; Mar 13:19

many generations: Heb. generation and generation, Deu 32:7; Psa 10:6 *marg.