Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Mark 1:21 - 1:21

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Mark 1:21 - 1:21

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they went: Mar 2:1; Mat 4:13; Luk 4:31, Luk 10:15

Capernaum: Capernaum was a city of Galilee (Luk 4:31), situated on the confines of Zebulun, and Naphtali (Mat 4:13), on the western border of the lake of Tiberias (Joh 6:59), and in the land of Gennesaret (Mar 6:53; Mat 14:34), where Josephus places a spring of excellent water called Capernaum. Dr. Lightfoot places it between Tiberias and Tarichea, about two miles from the former; and Dr. Richardson, in passing through the plain of Gennesaret, was told by the natives that the ruins of Capernaum were quite near. The Arab station and ruins mentioned by Mr. Buckingham, said to have been formerly called Capharnaoom, situated on the edge of the lake from nine to twelve miles nne of Tiberias, bearing the name of Talhewn, or as Burckhardt writes it, Tel Houm, appear too far north for its site.

he entered: Mar 1:39, Mar 6:2; Mat 4:23; Luk 4:16, Luk 13:10; Act 13:14-52, Act 17:2, Act 18:4