Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Mark 1:39 - 1:39

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Mark 1:39 - 1:39

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preached: Mar 1:21; Mat 4:23; Luk 4:43-44

Galilee: Galilee was a province of Palestine, being bounded, says Josephus, on the west by Ptolemais and mount Carmel; on the south by the country of Samaria and Scythopolis, on the river Jordan; on the east by the cantons of Hyppos, Gadara, and Gaulon; and on the north by the confines of the Tyrians. It was divided into Lower and Upper Galilee; - Upper Galilee, so called from its being mountainous, was termed Galilee of the Gentiles (Mat 4:15), because inhabited, says Strabo, by Egyptians, Arabians, and Phoenicians, and comprehended the tribes of Asher and Naphtali; the Lower Galilee contained the tribes of Zebulun and Issachar, and was sometimes termed the Great Field. It was, says Josephus, very populous and rich, containing 204 cities and towns.

and cast: Mar 7:30; Luk 4:41