Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Mark 10:46 - 10:46

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Mark 10:46 - 10:46

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they came: Mat 20:29-34; Luk 18:35-43

as he went: Luke says that this took place "as he was come nigh unto Jericho," and afterwards records an event which took place in that city. But the words εν [Strong's G1722], τω [Strong's G3588], ενγιζειν αυτου [Strong's G847], εις [Strong's G1519], Ιεριχω, may be rendered, "When he was nigh Jericho," which is equally true of him who is gone a little way from it, as of him who is come near it; and as it is probable that Jesus stayed some days in the neighbourhood, this might occur as he went out of the city during that time, and he might afterwards re-enter it.

begging: Luk 16:20, Luk 16:22; Joh 9:8; Act 3:2-3