Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Mark 11:20 - 11:20

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Mark 11:20 - 11:20

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Mar 11:14; Job 18:16-17, Job 20:5-7; Isa 5:4, Isa 40:24; Mat 13:6, Mat 15:13, Mat 21:19-20; Joh 15:6; Heb 6:8; Jud 1:12

they saw: Matthew informs us that this tree grew by the way-side, and was therefore not private, but public property; so that the destruction of it really injured no one. Our Lord was pleased to make use of this miracle to prefigure the speedy ruin of the Jewish nation, on account of its unfruitfulness under greater advantages than any other people enjoyed at that day; and, like all the rest of his miracles, it was done with a gracious intention, to alarm his countrymen, and induce them to repent.