Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Mark 14:8 - 14:8

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Mark 14:8 - 14:8

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hath done: "It appears to me more probable," says Dr. Doddridge, "that Matthew and Mark should have introduced this story out of its place - that Lazarus, if he made this feast (which is not expressly said by John), should have made use of Simon's house, as more convenient - and that Mary should have poured this ointment on Christ's head and body, as well as on his feet - than that, within the compass of four days, Christ should have been twice anointed with so costly a perfume; and that the same fault should be found with the action, and the same value set upon the ointment, and the same words used in defence of the woman, and all this in the presence of many of the same persons; all which improbable particulars must be admitted, if the stories be considered as different." The rebuke which Judas received from Christ at this unction determined him in his resolution to betray his Master; and therefore Christ's rebuke, and Judas's revenge, are united, as cause and effect, by Matthew and Mark. 1Ch 28:2-3, 1Ch 29:1-17; 2Ch 31:20-21, 2Ch 34:19-33; Psa 110:3; 2Co 8:1-3, 2Co 8:12

she is: Mar 15:42-47, Mar 16:1; Luk 23:53-56, Luk 24:1-3; Joh 12:7, Joh 19:32-42