Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Mark 16:18 - 16:18

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Mark 16:18 - 16:18

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shall take: Gen 3:15; Psa 91:13; Luk 10:19; Act 28:3-6; Rom 16:20

if: It is fully asserted here, that the apostles of our Lord should not lose their life by poison, and there is neither record nor tradition to disprove it. But it is worthy of remark, that Mohammed, who styled himself the apostle of God, lost his life by poison; and, had he been a true prophet, or a true apostle of God, he would not have fallen into the snare. 2Ki 4:39-41

they shall lay: Act 3:6-8, Act 3:12, Act 3:16, Act 4:10, Act 4:22, Act 4:30, Act 5:15-16, Act 9:17-18, Act 9:34, Act 9:40-42, Act 19:12; Act 28:8-9; 1Co 12:9; Jam 5:14-15