Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Mark 16:5 - 16:5

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Mark 16:5 - 16:5

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entering: Luk 24:3; Joh 20:8

a young: This appears to have been a different angel from that mentioned by Matthew. The latter sat in the porch of the tomb, and had assumed a terrible appearance to overawe the guard. (Mat 28:1); but this appeared as a young man, within the sepulchre, in the inner apartment. The two angels spoken of by John (Joh 20:11) appeared some time after these; but whether they were the same or different cannot be ascertained; nor whether the angels which manifested themselves to the second party of women, recorded by Luke (Luk 24:4), were the same or different. Dan 10:5-6; Mat 28:3; Luk 24:4-5; Joh 20:11-12

and they: Mar 6:49-50; Dan 8:17, Dan 10:7-9, Dan 10:12; Luk 1:12, Luk 1:29-30