Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Mark 2:26 - 2:26

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Mark 2:26 - 2:26

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Abiathar: It appears from the passage referred to here, that Ahimelech was then high priest at Nob; and from other passages, that Abiathar was his son. Various conjectures have been formed in order to solve this difficulty; and some, instead of untying, have cut the knot, by pronouncing it an interpolation. The most probable opinion seems to be, that both father and son had two names, the father being also called Abiathar; and this appears almost certain from 2Sa 8:17; 1Ch 18:16, where Ahimelech seems evidently termed Abiathar, while Abiathar is called Ahimelech or Abimelech. (Compare 1Ki 2:26-27.) 1Sa 22:20-22, 1Sa 23:6, 1Sa 23:9; 2Sa 8:17, 2Sa 15:24, 2Sa 15:29, 2Sa 15:35, 2Sa 20:25; 1Ki 1:7; 1Ki 2:22, 1Ki 2:26-27, 1Ki 4:4

which is not lawful: Exo 29:32-33; Lev 24:5-9