Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Mark 7:3 - 7:3

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Mark 7:3 - 7:3

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oft: or, diligently, Gr. With the fist, Up to the elbow, Theophylact. Πυγμη [Strong's G4435], the fist; which Dr. Lightfoot illustrates by a tradition from the Talmudical tracts, that when they washed their hands, they washed the fist up to the joint of the arm, עד פרק. The Jews laid great stress on these washings, or baptisms, βαπτισμους [Strong's G909], considering eating with unwashen hands no ordinary crime, and feigning that an evil spirit, called Shibta, has a right to sit on the food of him who thus eats, and render it hurtful.

the tradition: Mar 7:7-10, Mar 7:13; Mat 15:2-6; Gal 1:14; Col 2:8, Col 2:21-23; 1Pe 1:18