Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Mark 7:33 - 7:33

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Mark 7:33 - 7:33

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he took: Mar 5:40, Mar 8:23; 1Ki 17:19-22; 2Ki 4:4-6, 2Ki 4:33-34; Joh 9:6-7

put: This was clearly a symbolical action; for these remedies evidently could not, by their natural efficacy, avail to produce so wonderful an effect. As the ears of the deaf appear closed, he applies his fingers to intimate that he would open them; and as the tongue of the dumb seems to be tied, or to cleave to the palate, he touches it, to intimate he would give loose and free motion to it. He accommodated himself to the weakness of those who might not indeed doubt his power, but fancy some external sign was requisite to healing. It was also thus made manifest, that this salutiferous power came from Himself, and that He who by one word, εφφαθα [Strong's G2188], had healed the man, must be Divine.