Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Mark 9:25 - 9:25

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Mark 9:25 - 9:25

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he rebuked: Mar 1:25-27, Mar 5:7-8; Zec 3:2; Mat 17:18; Luk 4:35, Luk 4:41, Luk 9:42; Jud 1:9

thou: If this had been only a natural disease, as some have contended, could our Lord with any propriety have thus addressed it? If the demoniacal possession had been false, or merely a vulgar error, would our Lord, the Revealer of truth, have thus established falsehood, sanctioned error, or encouraged deception, by teaching men to ascribe effects to the malice and power of evil spirits, which they had no agency in producing? Impossible! Such conduct is utterly unworthy the sacred character of the Redeemer. Isa 35:5-6; Mat 9:32-33, Mat 12:22; Luk 11:14

I charge: Luk 8:29; Act 16:18