Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Ruth 3:7 - 3:7

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Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge - Ruth 3:7 - 3:7

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his heart: Gen 43:34; Jdg 16:25, Jdg 19:6, Jdg 19:9, Jdg 19:22; 2Sa 13:28; Est 1:10; Psa 104:15; Ecc 2:24, Ecc 3:12-13, Ecc 8:15, Ecc 9:7, Ecc 10:19; 1Co 10:31; Eph 5:18

went to lie: Such was the simplicity of those early times, that the most wealthy persons looked after their own affairs, both at home and in the field. These threshing-floors were covered at top to keep off the rain, but lay open on all sides, that the wind might come in freely, for winnowing the corn; which being done, it is probable they were shut up at night, with doors fitted to them, that if any one lay there he might be kept warm, and the corn be secured from robbers.