Reaching Children by Mildred Morningstar: 00.2-Preface to the eSword Edition

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Reaching Children by Mildred Morningstar: 00.2-Preface to the eSword Edition

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Preface to the e-Sword Edition

When I first discovered the amazing power of e-Sword, I was connected to the internet with a 56k fax modem. My enthusiasm for the program and its plethora of resources motivated me to stay up all night downloading its riches. I spent the next several days exploring the amazing variety of study material.

As a busy pastor, I've tried to assemble a classic research library. As a busy pastor of a small church, I've tried to inexpensively assemble a classic research library. E-Sword immediately added many valuable assets that I hadn't yet purchased; and those resources that e-Sword duplicated were much easier and faster to use than the paper versions.

Since that wonderful first week, I've discovered many more treasures through Google searches. Then one day I realized that I owed a debt. I made a contribution to Rick Meyers (Rick - you are the modern day Gutenberg; should the Lord not return in the near future like I believe He will, you will do for Bible study the next 100 years what Gutenberg did in the 1500's), and then started looking for public domain resources to convert to .topx files. And so my personal journey has come full circle: from the excitement of discovering e-Sword to the excitement of creating .topx files for others. Like Rick quotes from Mat_10:8, "freely ye have received, freely give."

Thank you, Michelle, Jeremiah, Isaiah & Micah, for understanding my debt and graciously tolerating my near compulsive computer use for hours on end. My thanks to the creator of e-Sword, Rick Meyers - hyperlink. Thank you, Mrs. Mildren Morningstar, for converting your studies to eternal print. Thank you, Brother Virgil Butts for the painstaking work of retyping the text. (By the way, you can see this text - and many other excellent ones - at Virgil's website: hyperlink.) And of course - most importantly - my thanks to the Lord Jesus who saved my soul for all eternity.

This Edition

There have been no changes to Mrs. Morningstar's work, except for the following:

1.       Scripture references have been converted to Scripture hyperlinks using the "Format Scripture ToolTip."

2.       A few obvious Scripture reference errors may have been corrected, as well as some obvious spelling errors.

3.       The copy and paste process has unfortunately removed some of the italicized print. While the words have not been changed, some of Mrs. Morningstar's emphasis may be missing. It is with regret that I have not taken the time to correct this. The sense is still accurate. [By the way - would you understand this paragraph without italics? Of course!] It is my hope that the reader will be able to follow the flow regardless of these flaws. They - the flaws - are mine, not Mrs. Morningstar's.

4.       I am quite sure my edition of Mrs. Morningstar's work is rather imperfect. I pray that, nonetheless, it will be productively useful in the ministry to God's people.


Feel free to contact me with comments. You can reach me via e-mail at

Also, if you convert a classic resource to e-Sword .topx file (or .dctx, .cmtx, etc.), send me your work! I'd love to utilize it!

If you haven't joined the e-Sword Users group, visit hyperlink and check it out. This is a free group, with lots of third-party resources (like this one!) and help from other e-Sword users.

May the Lord bless you as study His word.

Dr. David S. Thomason

Florida, USA