Reaching Children by Mildred Morningstar: 00.4-FOREWORD

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Reaching Children by Mildred Morningstar: 00.4-FOREWORD

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The winning of boys and girls to JESUS CHRIST and leading them in growth in grace is engaging the lives of Christians today as never before. It is with the view of providing practical helps for the new teacher and workable solutions to problems for the experienced one, that this book has been written.

Some of the ideas set forth are new and original, some have been used for many years by many workers, but all have borne the test of actual trial, and have been found profitable.

Many of the sources of these ideas have long since been forgotten, but grateful acknowledgment is hereby given to each one. It is with the prayer that these "tips" shall prove of real value to the teachers of boys and girls that this book is set forth.

Mildred Morningstar