What Every Christian Should Believe by William Evans: 00.3. Foreward

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What Every Christian Should Believe by William Evans: 00.3. Foreward

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In judging this volume it should be remembered for whom it is particularly prepared. It is for the young convert-the Christian who does not know the simple and yet fundamental doctrines of the Christian religion. It is prepared for the man who knows Christ as a personal Saviour by experimental knowledge, but who has not had any specific and definite instruction in the leading doctrines of the Christian faith.

Scripture references are quite numerous, because it is our purpose to send the reader back to his Bible in order that he may have a "Thus saith the Lord" as an anchor for his faith. Both the Authorized and American Standard Versions are used for the quotations, whichever version most clearly sets forth the sense of the passage cited being used in that particular instance.

Necessarily, the subjects are briefly treated, for this volume is but a primer of Christian Doctrine. An exhaustive study of these and the other doctrines composing the Christian faith may be found in The Great Doctrines of the Bible, by the author, and published by The Bible Institute Colportage Association, Chicago, Ill.

It is our earnest wish and prayer that this volume will be greatly used in the building up of those who are either young in or ignorant of "the things pertaining to the King."

William Evans.