John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 10:11 - 10:11

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John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 10:11 - 10:11

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1Co 10:11. Πάντα, all things) He resumes what he said, 1Co 10:6, and in this recapitulation adds, all things, which stands in apposition with ensamples.-[87] τύποι) ensamples.-ἐκείνοις, to them) construed with happened.-ἐγράφη, were written) The use of the Old Testament Scripture is in the fullest force in the New Testament. It was not written out in the beginning [but subsequently: for the edification of us in the ends of the world].-τὰ τέλη τῶν αἰώνωΝ, the ends of the ages) οἱ αἰῶνες, all things, even former ages; ΤᾺ ΤΈΛΗ, in the New Testament, comp. Rom 10:4. The plural has great force. All things meet together, and are coming to their height: benefits and dangers, punishments and rewards; comp. the following verse. All that now remains is that Christ should come, as the avenger and judge; and until that happens, these ends, being many, include various periods succeeding each other.-ΚΑΤΉΝΤΗΣΕΝ, have come upon) as it were unexpectedly. He does not say, we, who have come upon the ends. The same word occurs, 1Co 14:36.

[87] The Germ. Ver. shows on the margin of the 2d Ed. the reading τυπικῶς raised from the mark ε to the mark γ.-E. B.

Lachm. reads τυπικῶς, with ABC Orig. 1, 170; 536f; 4, 8e; fg Vulg. Iren. (“in figura”), Hilary (in præformationem). Tisch. reads τύποι, with D(Λ)G Memph., Theb., later Syr. (Syr. has in exemplum nostrum).-ED.