John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 15:19 - 15:19

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John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 15:19 - 15:19

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1Co 15:19. Εἰ, if) The statement of those topics which are discussed at 1Co 15:20, etc., precedes this verse and 1Co 15:18 : and in this verse, there is a statement of those topics, which are treated of at 1Co 15:29-34.-ἐν, in) ἐν, as far as concerns, i.e. if our hope in Christ revolves so as to be fixed wholly within the bounds of this present life, only, μόνον.-ζωῇ, life) Scripture does not readily call this life, life; oftener, it call it αἰῶνα, the age: here it is spoken of after the manner of men, as Luk 16:25.-ἠλπικότες ἐσμὲν, we have hoped) we have believed with joyful anticipation of the future.-ἑλεεινότεροι, more miserable) the comparative degree is here in its strict sense: for if it had the force of the superlative, the article would have been put before it: We are more miserable than all men: the rest, viz. all other men, are not buoyed up with false hope, and freely enjoy the present life; we, if the dead rise not, are foolishly buoyed up with false hope, and through denying ourselves and renouncing the world, we lose the certain enjoyment of the present life, and are doubly miserable. Even now Christians are happy, but not in the things, by which the happiness of other men is maintained; and, if we take away the hope of another life, our present spiritual joy is diminished. Believers have immediate joy in God and therefore they are happy; but if there be no resurrection that joy is greatly weakened. This is the second weighty consideration; the first is, that the happiness of Christians is not placed in worldly things. By both of these weighty considerations, happiness from the hope of the resurrection is confirmed.