John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 15:58 - 15:58

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John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 15:58 - 15:58

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1Co 15:58.[152] Ἀγαπητοὶ, beloved) The true consideration of the things, the last of all, kindles his love towards the brethren.-ἑδραῖοι, [steadfast] stable) do not ye yourselves turn aside from the faith of the resurrection.-ἀμετακίνητοι, immoveable) be not led away by others, 1Co 15:12. So Col 1:23.-ἐν τῷ ἔργῳ τοῦ Κυρίου, in the work of the Lord) Christ, Php 2:30. It is called generally, the work which is carried on for the sake of the Lord. Its more particular definition depends on the circumstances of each particular text.-εἰδότες, knowing) He is now sure of the assent of the Corinthians.-οὐκ ἔστι κενὸς, is not vain) i.e., is most profitable. They were trying to make it in vain, who denied the resurrection. Paul mildly refutes these men even in the conclusion [as well as before].

[152] Ὥστε, therefore) A grave error had to be refuted in this passage: and yet he does not neglect to subjoin the exhortation.-V. g.