John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 2:13 - 2:13

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John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 2:13 - 2:13

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1Co 2:13. Καὶ, also) Thus the phrases, we might know and we speak are joined.-διδακτοῖς, taught) consisting of doctrine and instruction. The word σοφίας with λόγοις is not to be resolved into an epithet; wisdom is the gushing fountain of words.-ἀλλʼ ἐν, but in) an immediate antithesis; nor can it be said, that the apostles compared merely the natural power of speech, as distinguished on the one hand from art, and on the other, from the Spirit.-διδακτοῖς) διδαχῇ[22] by the teaching, which the Holy Spirit[23] furnishes through us seems to be a better reading. That doctrine comprehends both wisdom and words.-πνευματικοῖς πνευματικὰ, spiritual things to [with; Engl. Vers. and Vulg.] spiritual) We interpret [But Engl. Vers. and Vulg. comparing) spiritual things and spiritual words in a manner suitable to spiritual men, 1Co 2:6; 1Co 2:15, so that they may be willing and able to receive them; συγκρίνω, ΣΎΓΚΡΙΜΑ, ΣΎΓΚΡΙΣΙς, are frequently used by the LXX. for example, in respect to the interpretation of dreams, Genesis 40, 41; Dan. 2 4 5 7.

[22] The Germ. Ver. agrees to this reading, although the Greek editions have left the matter undecided.-E. B.

[23] The Germ. Vers., with the margin of Ed. 2, approves of the omission of the adjective, ἁγίον, more distinctly than the margin of the older edition.-E. B.

Διδακτοῖς is the reading of ABCD(Λ)G Orig. (B, according to Bartolocci, reads διδακτῷ). But fg, Vulg. Syr. read διδαχῇ. Ἁγίου is placed before or after πνενματος in the later Syr. and Rec. Text. But ABCD corrected later, G, Origen 1, 197b, Vulg. omit ἀγίον (Vulg. corrected by Victor has Sancti).-ED.