John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 2:7 - 2:7

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John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 2:7 - 2:7

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1Co 2:7. Ἐν μυστηρίῳ, τὴν ἀποκεκρυμμένην, in a mystery, [even] the hidden [wisdom]) It is concealed before it is brought forward, and when it is brought forward, it still remains hidden to many, namely to those that are imperfect.-προώρισεν, ordained before) The allusion is to hath prepared, 1Co 2:9.-πρὸ, before) therefore it does not come to nought, 1Co 2:6. This wisdom very far surpasses worldly wisdom in antiquity.-αἰώνων, the ages [of the world]) in the plural. The antithesis to it is, of this world, 1Co 2:6.-εἰς, unto) that it may be our glory; comp. the following verse, and glorying, 1Co 1:31.-δόξαν) glory, from the Lord of glory; 1Co 2:8, afterwards to be revealed, at the time when the princes of the world shall come to nought. It is an antithesis to, mystery.