John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 4:5 - 4:5

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John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 4:5 - 4:5

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1Co 4:5. Κρίνατε, judge) He does not say ἀνακρίνατε, decide; he more closely alludes to the judgment, which the Lord will give.-ὁ Κύριος, the Lord) Jesus whom we serve, 1Co 4:1.-καὶ) also: He will not only judge, but will bring forth to light His judgment.-φωτίσει) φωτίζειν is to throw light upon any object, for example, φωτίζειν τὴν νύκτα, to throw light upon the night, Exo 14:20, on the margin of the ed. Wech.: or to bring a thing to light, 2Ti 1:10. Both of these will be done at that time.-τὰ κρυπτὰ, the hidden things) The heart of man is truly a hidden cavern [crypt].-τοῦ σκότους, of the darkness) into which no human eye penetrates.-φανερώσει, will make manifest) so that you will then at length clearly know us.-τὰς βουλὰς, the counsels) showing, who hath been faithful or not.-τῶν καρδιῶν, of the hearts) according to the state of the heart, so the conduct is just [justified, 1Co 4:4] and praiseworthy or the reverse.-τότε, then) Therefore wait.-ἔπαινος, praise) The world praises its princes, warlike leaders, ambassadors, wise men, artists: God will hereafter praise His ministers.-ἑκάστῳ) to every one, who is a praiseworthy, faithful steward; you only praise one, for example, Paul. So every one, 1Co 3:8. Concerning praise from God, see Mat 25:21. Those too, who are not faithful, expect praise, but their praise will be reproach. Therefore the contrary is also included by implication in the word praise, which is a euphemism [the opposite of praise being not expressed, though implied]; so the euphemism in, shall try or prove, etc., c. 1Co 3:13, 1Co 8:8; 1Co 8:10, notes. So blessing also comprehends cursing, Gen 49:28; Gen 49:7. There is a similar passage, 1Sa 26:23 (24).