John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 5:13 - 5:13

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John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 5:13 - 5:13

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1Co 5:13. Τοὺς δὲ ἔξω, them that are without) The knowledge concerning the destruction or salvation of the Gentiles is a matter reserved for God alone.-κρινεῖ, shall judge) Rom 2:16. Supply, and this judgment we in all humility leave to God. Thus the and, that follows, more closely coheres with this clause.-καὶ, and) an Epiphonema[45] suited to both parts of this chapter. The particle ΚΑῚ with the whole sentence is quoted here, from the LXX., Deu 17:7; Deu 19:19; Deu 24:7, ΚΑῚ, and so. But the phrase, as it is written, is not prefixed here, and this is the case either for the sake of severity [c. 1Co 4:21], or because ἐξαρεῖτε, Heb. ובערת, is used by Moses for taking away a wicked man from among the people by capital punishment, by the apostle for taking away a wicked man from the Church by excommunication.-ΤῸΝ ΠΟΝΗΡῸΝ, the wicked person) 1Co 5:2; 1Co 5:9.-ὑμῶν αὐτῶν, from among yourselves) So it is found in the LXX. often. The antithesis in this passage is, those that are without.

[45] An exclamation after a weighty demonstration or narration. Append.