John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 6:18 - 6:18

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John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 6:18 - 6:18

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1Co 6:18. Φεύγετε τὴν πορνείαν, flee fornication) Severity with disgust; flee, for danger is near.-πᾶν ἁμάρτημα, every sin) even gluttony and drunkenness; comp. 1Co 5:13; even self-murder [even idolatry, however much more grievous the sin may otherwise be.-V. g.] It is a more serious matter to abuse the members of Christ, than food or wine, and the belly: and the body of a fornicator is more debased by the agency of a flagitious deed, than the carcase even of the man who has perished by his own hand. The comparison at Pro 6:30, etc., is not unlike this.-ἐκτὸς, without) a man indeed sins with the body and by the body, but not εἰς against the body; the sin is not terminated in his body; and he certainly injures, but does not alienate the body, he rather sins against the κοιλίαν, belly, than against the body, as the apostle makes the distinction. Such moral sentiments are not to be harshly pushed to extremes, nor in their utmost ἀκρίβειᾳ, strictness. The viscera, which stand in a peculiar relation to the animal economy, seem likely to be destroyed permanently, and not to be restored at the resurrection. The Scripture refers much to the bones, as to the solid parts, in respect of good and evil, of punishment and reward; whence it is no vain conjecture, that the most intense pain, and so also the most intense degree of joy and pleasure, will be in the bones.