John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 7:8 - 7:8

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John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 7:8 - 7:8

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1Co 7:8. Λέγω δὲ, but I say) Comp. 1Co 7:12, where the statement is more express.-τοῖς ἀγάμοις, to the unmarried) of both sexes, comp. 1Co 7:10-11.-χήραις, to widows) including widowers.-μείνωσιν, let them remain) at liberty.-ὡς κᾀγὼ, even as I) Paul was evidently without a wife at that time, comp. 1Co 9:5; and although he speaks here also of widowers, yet he seems rather to have been a bachelor, than a widower; comp. Act 7:58, and what follows after