John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 9:10 - 9:10

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John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 9:10 - 9:10

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1Co 9:10. Πάντως, altogether) The word, ‘saying,’ is put into the question itself.-ὃτι) namely, that-ἐπʼ ἐλπίδι), לבטח, which the LXX. always render ἐπʼ ἐλπίδι: comp. Act 2:26.-ὀφείλει, ought) There is a change of person. The obligation [implied in ὀφείλει] is with them that remunerate, not with them that labour; otherwise the latter would commit sin by not receiving. So also regarding the precept, 1Co 9:14 : comp. I ought, 2Co 12:11.-ὁ ἀροτριῶν, that [animal] which ploweth [or he that ploweth]) This also is the labour of oxen. It seems to be an adage, something like this; hope supports the husbandman.-τῆς ἐλπίδος ἀυτοῦ,[74] of his hope) The abstract for the concrete: of the fruits, in the hope of which he, who now threshes, plowed,-μετέχειν, to become partaker) viz. ought. To become partaker of his hope is a periphrasis for the verb to thresh. Namely, he who plows, plows in the hope of threshing and eating; he, who threshes, possesses that hope, which he had in plowing, and threshes in the hope of eating.

[74] The margin of the 2d Ed. prefers the shorter reading, ἐπʼ ἐλπίδι τοῦ μετέχειν, of which there is not a vestige, either in the older Ed., or in the Gnomon, or in the Germ. Vers.-E. B.

ἐπʼ ἐλπίδι τοῦ μετέχειν is the reading of ABC both Syr. (Memph.) Theb. Vulg. (in spe fructus percipiendi) Orig. 1,170; 541 c. But D (Λ) corrected later, G fg read τῆς ἐλπίδος αὐτοῦ μετέχειν: to which Rec. Text adds ἐπʼ ἐλπίδι.-ED.