John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 9:17 - 9:17

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John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 9:17 - 9:17

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1Co 9:17. Ἑκὼν, willingly) This is here used instead of gratuitously, whence I have a reward makes an oxymoron;[76] moreover he defines the reward and gain in the following verses. Paul often, when speaking of his own affairs, uses increase and diminution [αὔξησις and ΜΕΊΩΣΙς], not unlike a catachresis, and suitable to express his self-abnegation. He might have willingly preached the Gospel, and yet have received a reward from the Corinthians; but if he should receive a reward, he considers that as equivalent to his preaching unwillingly; so in the following verse the use of his legitimate ‘power’ might be without abuse; but he considers in his case the former in the light of the latter;[77] comp. Rom 15:15; 2Co 11:8-9; 2Co 1:24; 2Co 2:5; 2Co 7:2-3.-οἰκονομίαν πεπίστευμαι, a dispensation of the Gospel is committed to me) I cannot withdraw myself, although I should fail of my reward. Again, the language is exclusive, as in 1Co 9:16.

[76] See Appendix. The pointed combination of contraries. “Gratuitously, yet I have a reward.”-ED.

[77] i.e. He would regard his using his power as if it were an abuse.-ED.