John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 9:24 - 9:24

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John Bengel Commentary - 1 Corinthians 9:24 - 9:24

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1Co 9:24. Οὐκ οἴδατε, know ye not?) The comparison is to a thing very well known to the Corinthians.-[80] εἷς, one) Although we knew, that one alone would be saved, still it would be well worth our while to run. [For what will become of those, who never cease to defend themselves by the inactivity of others. Comp. 1Co 10:5.-V. g.]-οὔτω τρέχετε, ἼΝΑ ΚΑΤΑΛΆΒΗΤΕ, so run that ye may obtain) Paul speaks of himself to the end of the chapter; he does not yet exhort the Corinthians directly; therefore he seems here to introduce into his discourse by a third party[81] that sort of encouragement, which P. Faber, i. 2, Agonist. c. 32, shows that the judges of the combats, the instructors of the young in gymnastics and the spectators were accustomed to give;-also Chrysostom Hom. on the expression εἂν πεινᾷ; and Caesarius, quaest. 29; for the words, he says, they say,[82] are more than once omitted. See ch. 1Co 5:13, 1Co 15:32-33; Eph 6:2; Col 2:21; Psa 137:6; Jer 2:25; Jer 51:9. Therefore this is the sense here; they say, so run, etc.; and this clause belongs to the protasis, which is continued at the beginning of the following verse, οὓτω, so, a particle expressive of praise as well as of exhortation, Php 4:1.-τρέχετε, run) All are urged, as if each, not merely one, was to obtain the prize.-ἳνα, that) to the end that.

[80] πάντες, all) Comp. 1Co 10:1.-V. g.

[81] See Appendix, under the title Sermocinatio. “So run that ye may obtain” is not Paul’s direct exhortation to the Corinthians, but the language of the spectators of the games, etc., to the racers, quoted by Paul as applying to himself. Comp. v. 26.Obliquely reference was meant to the Corinthians.-ED.

[82] Beng. means that Paul’s omitting, in the allusion or quotation, “As the saying is,” does not militate against its being a quotation. For he elsewhere omits this express marking of quotations.-ED.