John Bengel Commentary - 2 John 1:7 - 1:7

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John Bengel Commentary - 2 John 1:7 - 1:7

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2Jn 1:7. Ὅτι, because) The reason why he bids them keep the things which they have heard from the beginning.-πολλοὶ, many) 1Jn 2:18; 1Jn 4:1.-εἰσῆλθον) have entered. The world is averse from God and Christ, busily intent upon its own husks: but to oppose God and Christ is of the leaven of Satan.-ἐρχόμενον, who came) Thus ἐρχομένων, 3Jn 1:3. Comp. ἐληλυθότα, who is come, 1Jn 4:2.-οὗτός ἐστιν, this is) A gradation. This very person is the character of a great impostor and antichrist. No other of a more dreadful appearance is to be sought.-πλάνος, a seducer) opposed to God.-ἀντίχριστος, antichrist) opposed to Christ. The warning against antichrist belongs even to women and young men: 1Jn 1:4-5. Antichrist denies the Father and the Son; and does not confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.