John Bengel Commentary - Jude 1:10 - 1:10

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John Bengel Commentary - Jude 1:10 - 1:10

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Jud 1:10. Ὅσα) all things, which.-οὐκ οἴδασι, they are not acquainted with) This is said of spiritual things, belonging to God and the saints.-φυσικῶς, naturally) by their natural faculties, respecting natural things, by a natural mode of knowledge, and a natural appetite. That which is physical is here opposed to that which is spiritual, Jud 1:19.-ἐπίστανται, they know) A more subtle knowledge is conveyed by the former expression, οἴδασι, they are (not) acquainted with.-φθείρονται, they perish [“corrupt themselves”]) Comp. the following verse.