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John Bengel Commentary - Jude 1:13 - 1:13

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Jud 1:13. Ἐπαφρίζοντα, foaming out) swollen through plenty: Isa 57:20.-ἀστέρες πλανῆται, wandering stars) It has been ascertained in a more recent age, that planets are of themselves dark (opaque) bodies, shining with borrowed light. St Jude, even at that time, from his divine light, conveyed this meaning. For it is plain, from the subsequent mention of darkness, that the allusion is not merely to the etymological derivation of wandering stars [πλανῆται, Th. πλανάομαι, I wander] (although this is also suitable). Comp. 2Pe 2:17. And the same reason shows that it is not to be understood of the ignis fatuus. Aristotle plainly distinguishes between οἱ δοκοῦντες ἀστέρες διάττειν, the stars which appear to dart through the heavens, shooting stars, and οἱ πλανῆται ἀστέρες, the planets. Book i. Meteor, ch. 4 and 6.-οἷς, to whom) As before, in the case of the clouds, trees, and waves, so now to the wandering stars, an appropriate description is added, with reference to the Apodosis.