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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 1:13 - 1:13

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Mar 1:13. Μετὰ τῶν θηρίων, with the wild beasts) An important fact; comp. Gen 1:26. This was a state more trying than the mere solitude of the desert. [Here the Saviour was removed apart from angels and men; and yet, however, not liable to the attacks of wild beasts. He even now, in the very height of His humiliation (self-emptying), exercised over the beasts the dominion which Adam had so soon suffered himself to lose; how much more so, when exalted! Psa 8:8.-V. g.] Mark not only exhibits in a more compendious compass the history described by Matthew, but also, as it were in the manner of a supplement, some particulars of considerable value, which had not been previously recorded by Matthew, but which were calculated to afford profitable instruction to believers, who by this time had become proficients in the truth.[8]

[8] Michaelis, in the Enleitung, etc., T. ii., p. 1154, etc., has tried to prove, by induction of particulars, that those things which Mark has either omitted or supplied, most especially accord with the tradition of the ancients, which represented Mark’s aim in writing to have been with a view to the conversion and edification of the Romans.-E. B.