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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 1:16 - 1:16

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Mar 1:16. Σίμωνα, Simon) Mark writes of Peter in such a style, and with such fulness, that he might easily seem as if he wrote by dictation from the mouth of that apostle [comp. Mar 1:1, last note].-αὐτοῦ τοῦ Σίμωνος) Either we should read thus,[9] or only τοῦ Σίμωνος; others, only αὐτοῦ, in agreement with the parallel passages in the other Evangelists.[10] Mark sometimes repeats names, ch. Mar 3:17, Mar 5:37; sometimes he adds a relative pronoun to them, ch. Mar 2:20, Mar 3:24, etc., Mar 16:14; and decidedly, ch. Mar 6:22, ΑὐΤῆς Τῆς ἩΡΩΔΙΆΔΟς.-ἈΜΦΙΒΆΛΛΟΝΤΑς ἈΜΦΊΒΛΗΣΤΡΟΝ) So LXX., Hab 1:17 : ἈΜΦΙΒΑΛΕῖ ἈΜΦΊΒΛΗΣΤΡΟΝ in the best MSS. Whence Isa 19:8, ΟἹ ἈΜΦΙΒΟΛΕῖς, the fishermen.

[9] This is preferred in the margin of both Editions of Bengel, to the omission of the reading τοῦ Σίμωνος, and is therefore marked with the sign ε; with which also the Germ. Vers, agrees on this passage.-E. B.

[10] See Mat 4:18, the Greek. This makes αὐτοῦ look like a harmonist’s reading here.-ED. ABLa have Σίμωνος (and A prefixes τοῦ). Dbc Vulg. and Rec. Text read αὐτοῦ. Only later Uncial MSS. and later Syr. Version read αὐτοῦ τοῦ Σίμωνος.-ED.