John Bengel Commentary - Mark 1:24 - 1:24

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 1:24 - 1:24

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Mar 1:24. Ἔα, permit) that is, permit us to speak, [but Engl. Vers., Let us alone]: Luk 4:34; Luk 4:41.-τὶ, what) A most miserable state; that he should desire not to have anything to do with Jesus [comp. Rev 6:15].-Ναζαρηνὲ, of Nazareth) It is probable that the great Enemy had very closely observed what Jesus did at Nazareth during His youth.-ἀπολέσαι, to destroy) well said! comp. 1Jn 3:8.-ἡμᾶς, us)[12] The demons have a common cause among them [one common interest].-οἶδα, I know) He does not say, we know. He speaks of himself, not of the rest. The demons who were in those possessed, seem to have perceived sooner than the rest who Jesus was [yea, sooner even than most of the men with whom He walked at that time.-Harm., p. 256].

[12] The mark of interrogation after this word ought to be removed.-Not. Crit. Both Lachm. and Tischend. retain it.-ED.