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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 10:38 - 10:38

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Mar 10:38. Τὸ ποτήριον-τὸ βάπτισμα, the cup-the baptism) To drink this cup was difficult (as often death itself is taken in the act of drinking). Baptism also, among the Jews, was a thing to be shuddered at, inasmuch as the whole body was dipped in a stream, however cold. Accordingly, by both words the passion of Christ is denoted: by the cup, His inward passion; the cup is therefore placed first: by the baptism, chiefly His external passion, He was distended inwardly with His passion [referring to the cup; He was filled with the cup of anguish]: He was covered over [as a person baptized is with water] with His passion. Moreover, both are appropriately employed; for they who take the sacraments, are partakers of the baptism and the cup of Christ; 1Co 12:13 : and the baptism of Christ and our baptism, as also the Holy Supper, have a close connection with Christ’s passion and death, and with ours also.-πίεσθε-βαπτισθήσεσθε, ye shall drink-ye shall be baptized) James, when slain with the sword, drank the cup [Act 12:2]; afterwards John was baptized in boiling oil, as Ecclesiastical History represents. Boiling oil is in consonance with the term, baptism. Our Lord Himself, in Gethsemane, also calls His suffering of death a cup. It is in consonance with this, that the cup is placed before the baptism.[20]

[20] Just as Jesus’ and James’ cup of suffering was before John’s baptism in sufferings.-ED. and TRANSL.