John Bengel Commentary - Mark 10:46 - 10:46

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 10:46 - 10:46

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Mar 10:46. Βαρτίμαιος, Bartimœus) A proparoxyton [accented on the antepenult] as the simple name Τίμαιος. Timæus seems to have been a man at that time known at Jericho; and Bartimœus seems to have been made a beggar only by reason of his blindness [and not previously].-ὁ τυφλὸς, blind) This epithet had become an equivalent to a surname. Bartimæus was very well known in the time of the apostles. [As to the other blind man associated with him, see the note Mat 20:30.]-ὁδὸν, the way) On the highway to Jerusalem there was the greater opportunity of begging.