John Bengel Commentary - Mark 11:11 - 11:11

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 11:11 - 11:11

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Mar 11:11. Περιβλεψάμενος, having looked round about) His visitation. [Which, on the following day, He followed up with a most weighty reproof. For if His expulsion of the money-changers had been repeated on each of the two days, Mark would use the verb ἤρξατο with less propriety in Mar 11:15. In like manner, Luke assigns the plucking of the ears of corn and the healing of the withered hand to two distinct Sabbaths, though in Matthew and Mark that distinctness of the Sabbaths is less plainly marked. So Matthew sets forth at the same time, and together, all that happened in the case of the fig-tree; Mark divides the incidents respecting it between two days: so Matthew and Mark join the transfiguration with the account of the lunatic boy; Luke (ch. Luk 9:37) represents the lunatic as healed on the following day after the Saviour’s transfiguration.-Harm., p. 447, 448.]-πάντα, all things) What holy meditations He had respecting the sacrifices, and the types about to be so soon fulfilled in Himself.