John Bengel Commentary - Mark 11:2 - 11:2

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 11:2 - 11:2

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Mar 11:2. Κώμην, village) Bethphage.-ἐφʼ ὃν οὐδεὶς,[24] upon which no man) Not readily would there be found such a colt at one and the same time and place; this one, therefore, was reserved for the Lord. Those creatures or things which are to serve Christ, must be free from all pollutions of sinful bodies; see Mat 27:60. This colt, though untamed, yet bare Him as a sitter.

[24] The reading οὔπω οὐδεὶς, which had been deemed not worthy of approval in the marg. of the larger Ed., is judged equal to that of the text in Ed. 2, and is even approved by Vers. Germ.-E. B. Lachm. also so reads with BLΔ, Orig., and after ἀνθρώπων C, πώποτε A, b Vulg. “nemo ad huc.” Tisch. omits οὔπω with Dac. πωποτε evidently is an interpolation of Harmonists from Luk 19:30.-ED. and TRANSL.