John Bengel Commentary - Mark 11:25 - 11:25

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 11:25 - 11:25

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Mar 11:25. Καὶ ὅταν, and when) The connection is, We must pray “without doubting and wrath,” 1Ti 2:8.-στήκητε, stand) When in respect to the very attitude of your body you have laid yourselves out for prayer: com. Jer 18:20. To stand is the attitude of one praying with confidence [Luk 18:11; Luk 18:13]: to lie prostrate is that of one praying so as to deprecate vengeance. στήκω, from ἕστηκα, signifies I am he [one] who have betaken myself to standing; a signification which admirably suits the other passages also, where στήκω is read. When standing we touch the earth with as small a part of us as possible; for which reason it is an apt posture for those who pray; in which the ascetics forbid ‘appodiare’[1]-ἀφίετε, forgive) [Thus an especial hinderance (Mar 11:26) to believing (faithful) prayer is removed. Sin not yet forgiven hinders all things else.-V. g.] Jesus cursed the fig-tree: the believer ought not to curse his brother.

[1] Lit. ad podium stare, podioque inniti, “to lean upon some prop.”-ED. and TRANSL.