John Bengel Commentary - Mark 12:26 - 12:26

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 12:26 - 12:26

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Mar 12:26 Βίβλῳ, the book) The volume of Moses is mentioned in this passage; that of Isaiah in Luk 3:4; that of the Prophets, Act 7:42; that of the Psalms, Act 1:20.-Μωσέως, of Moses) concerning whom you have spoken, Mar 12:19.-ἐπὶ τοῦ βάτου, in the bush) A formula of quoting a section or division of Scripture, frequent with the Rabbins [Comp. Michaëlis in der Einleitung, etc., T. i. p. m. 87.-E. B.] So Pliny, “Molybdænam in plumbo dicendam,” i.e. in the chapter concerning lead [plumbus]. Furthermore, ὁ βάτος is the measure, bath; ὁ or ἡ βάτος (as ὁ or ἡ θάμνος) not an unproductive bramble, but a valuable shrubbery [place of bushes], at least in Exodus. A noble image is derived from this, Deu 33:16 [the good-will of Him, that dwelt in the bush].