John Bengel Commentary - Mark 12:38 - 12:38

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 12:38 - 12:38

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Mar 12:38. Αὐτοῖς, unto them) Especially to the disciples, Luk 20:45. [βλέπετε, beware) lest ye incur the same condemnation, Mar 12:40.-V. g.]-γραμματέων, the Scribes) An open accusation.-θελόντων, who wish) The wish or intention often make an act, which is in itself indifferent [neither good nor bad], a bad one: but the verb θέλω, I will, or wish, often includes the act in it, whether good, Mat 20:14, or bad, Gal 4:9. And it is a characteristic, even in the present day, of false theologians, to be captivated with splendour of robes, with sustaining the leading parts as to celebrity, with a display of offices and honours, as also of their intercessory prayers before others.