John Bengel Commentary - Mark 13:9 - 13:9

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 13:9 - 13:9

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Mar 13:9. Δὲ, but) Do not concern yourselves about other matters, Mar 13:11 : only take heed to yourselves.-παραδώσουσι, they shall deliver you up) From this verse to Mar 13:13, the words are parallel to Mat 10:17-18. Therefore Mark is not an epitomizer of Matthew.-εἰς) An abbreviated mode of expression: ye shall be brought into the synagogues, amidst stripes. See Glass. canon 2 de verbo. Or rather εἰς is for ἐν, as in Mar 13:16. At all events the mention of stripes is consonant with the synagogues. Mat 10:17; Mat 23:34.-αὐτοῖς, to them [against them]) viz. the Jews.