John Bengel Commentary - Mark 14:8 - 14:8

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 14:8 - 14:8

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Mar 14:8. Ὅ, What) An abbreviated mode of expression; i.e. What she had, she has freely bestowed; and what she could, she hath done; or else, what she had [it in her power] to do, she hath done.-αὕτη, she, emphatically coheres with ἔσχεν, she had. Hardly any one else of those, who were in attendance on Jesus, had so costly ointment. It was divinely designed and appointed for the purpose of this being done.-προέλαβε, she has anticipated [she is come aforehand] to) It would not have been becoming for the body of Christ, which knew not corruption, to have been anointed after death; on this account it was anointed beforehand.