John Bengel Commentary - Mark 15:43 - 15:43

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 15:43 - 15:43

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Mar 15:43. Ὁ ἀπὸ Ἀριμαθαίας, who was from Arimathea) The article shows, that this had become a surname of Joseph. Matthew does not employ the article, because he wrote before Mark.-εὐσχήμων, honourable) Distinguished by both honour and dignity.-βουλευτὴς, senator) of the Jerusalem Sanhedrim.-τολμήσας, having boldly ventured) A praiseworthy boldness. [Not unattended with personal risk.-V. g.] Joh 19:38. An elegant and effective Asyndeton.[10] [It very frequently happens in the case of those making such bold ventures, that their efforts succeed better than you would have supposed.-V. g.]

[10] Omission of the copula between ἐλθὼν and τολμήσας.-ED. and TRANSL.